Learning and Sharing Activity Program


We are sometimes unaware of who our colleagues really are. We just know them by name and on what we see physically.

To be able to induce in depth understanding of the importance of collaboration and teamwork, the Helping Hand Development Cooperative initiated the Learning and Sharing Activity Program which was held at HHDC’s Training Room. The seminar was spearheaded by the Administrative Manager, Ms. Leah R. Tibayan.

Each participants had the chance to share ideas in every topics presented. Based on the shared views and opinions, they were being observed based on their possible potential. Here they will learn the connection of their work and process and how it affects others.

I have asked some of the participants on the lessons learned.

“Yun mga staff na nakikita mo lang at hindi mo laging nakakausap ay nakilala mo. Nakilala mo un personality nila at kahit isa lang ang question iba-iba ang outcome kasi base un sa understanding mo” Ms. Grace Umali

“Nakikilala mo yun kasama mo at the same time may improvement sa sarili mo kasi dahil sa share nila na personality mo.” Ms. Jahmae Maya-en

“Mas nakilala ang mga kasama. Nashashare ang kweto ng buhay, na pwede mong kapulutan ng aral. Natutong umiyak habang natatawa.” Ms. Gloryjane Pedralba

“Naging flexible”Ms. Jeralyn Daya

“Show mo yun sarili mo. Nalalaman mo yun ayaw at gusto ng bawat isa. Kahit mula ka sa ibang area, andun pa din yun concern at unity. Improvement hindi lang sa work kundi pati na rin sa sarili mo.”Mr. Ervin Mercader

“Naging aware sa mga kasama, hindi lang sa main office kundi pati sa satellites.”Mr. Reymond Bacho

“Knew how my co-workers see me and with that, I knew what characteristics I need to retain and change for the better. Learn how to understand others. Though you give a clear instruction your followers may understand in different ways and you have to accept that. It’s a clear reminder that everyone has differences and unique from one another.”Ms. Mary Jane Subia

We should also conduct this sharing and learning activity to every Satellite so members can also participate, discover self-potentials and learn the sense of mutual respect for everyone’s differences.

An effective learning will enable them to practice the knowledge gained in their everyday life.