HHDC Summer Getaway 2019


Helping Hand is not just engaged in giving good service and quality livelihood to its people, it is also involved in the growth of employees’ relationships with each other.

The company outing was held last March 22-24 at the beautiful resort in Ternate, Cavite – Puerto Azul. Staffs and managers from various satellites – indeed had a break from being corporate workers during the 2-day activity.


Coming from the initials of the core values of HHDC, attendees were divided into five groups namely H (yellow), A (green), N (blue), D (red), and S (white). The activity began at 9 AM and was facilitated by the HR Department. The Cheerleading competition started first in which each team creatively made their cheers and chants. Of course, a team building is nothing without the games, attendees played a set of games which includes Meron o Wala, Switch It Up, Sand Castle, Human Domino, Draw the Hands, Hole in The Pipe, Pass the Message, and Wrap Up Sand Castle. Everyone had a good time and applied the teamwork for each game. Despite the heat that groups encountered, Everyone was able to finish the stations. In the end, Team A (green) was hailed the overall champion.


After the tiring activities, everyone had given free time and have the chance to relax and chill, some of them explore the beauty of the resort.  Adding more enjoyment to the event, raffle prizes were given and a delicious meal was served.


This year’s company outing aims to motivate people to pool their talents and perform at their best individually as team players by showing their trust, cooperation, and communication skills to everyone.


 â€œTeamwork never fails and hard work will result in success”.