Strategic Planning 2019


“The best is yet to come!” said the CEO, Mr. Diogenes Garay during HHDC 2019 VMV Validation, Operations, Planning, and Teaming Exercise last January 25-27, 2019 at Reformare Wellness Center.

Mrs. Emily Rose A. Williams led the activity as she showcase new and tested motivational techniques and a practical guide to efficiently foster team members’ ability, characteristics, and individuality, HHDC conducted a 3-day Strategic Planning with the theme “Putting All The Pieces Together and Making It Happen."

The first day focused on Visioning Exercise and Planning Activity and was composed of the following activity:

  • Expectation Settings
  • Presentation of Program Objectives, Road Map, Schedule and House Rules
  • A look back on 2018’s business performance presented by Mr. Simone Sanchez
  • VMV Exercise
  • HHDC Vision Presentation and Plenary Discussion
  • Department Presentation of team vision and mission
  • Group work based on the final set of core values
  • 2019 Key Goals and Objective and Step-by-step Procedure in Planning
  • Pressing issues and concerns that require immediate action
  • Broadstroke Planning
  • Inter-department Alignment Meeting prior to plan finalization
  • Plenary Sharing
  • Actual Planning Activity (Finalization of 2019 Department Plans and Programs based on 5M Framework) / Organizational Chart

The second day was the Presentation of Plans and Socials. Finance and Accounting, General Admin, MIS, Purchasing, Site Offices, and Human Resource Department presented their projects. For the closing and reaction evaluation, BOD and the HHDC Departments expounded their insights, realization, acceptance, and agreement to the plans/discussion. A new HHDC Vision, Mission, and Core Values was also established.

The last day of the 3-day activity was the Team Building Exercise and Egress. Mrs. Williams grouped the employees into five teams with designated colors. 4 physical challenges must need to accomplish and all of the activities were time-based and the team who finished it with the lowest time was declared the champion.

The exercise allowed them to get to know their fellow workers through various team games. After each game, the team representative will describe the importance of individual role and commitment to team success. In the end, all teams were able to accomplish the challenges.

The activity was organized to foster camaraderie and maintain harmonious connections within the workplace through building trust, understanding work and exercising communication thereby increasing employee motivation and productivity. HHDC is not only committed to provide continuous livelihood but is also to provide healthier, professional relationship and organization among its employees.

HHDC is not only committed to provide continuous livelihood but is also to provide healthy, professional relationship and organization among its employees.