Cavite Members Christmas Party


Fun and excitement are the overall mood of HHDC Cavite Members as they gathered at Metropolis Gymnasium, General Trias on December 15, 2018 to celebrate their annual Christmas Party.

Members from Nichivi, Enomoto, Chowking Molino, Noble Link, and SCAD attended the merry celebration. The host initiated games to energize everyone by interacting with their co-members through fun-filled activity, followed by the awarding of raffle prizes and the presentation of the members which Nichivi members hailed as champion.

The highlight of the event is the Miss Q&A; which is also the special segment last year. Members that are from LGBTQ were encouraged to participate and represent their company. The contestants will be asked to pick a witty question, then they take the center of the stage and answer it to a maximum of 60 seconds. The highest score will proceed to the final round and face the defending “Ms. Q and A 2017”. In the end, Chowking Molino won the pageant.

The event was an opportunity for the Cavite members to have fun with their co-member assigned from different company and take a break from their work. A change of scenery allows them to relax and enjoy the day without the pressure, potential stress and deadlines from work.