First BOSH Seminar of Safety Training Organization


Epza, Rosario Cavite – As part of the newly accredited organization, Safety Training Organization under Helping Hand Development Cooperative conducted a 4-day BOSH or Basic Occupational Safety and Health seminar on November 14-17 at HHDC-Epza Satellite Office training room.

Attendees were given personal modules and professional speakers including Mr. Mark Vhiel S. Mariano, Mr. Jovertlee Pudan, Mr. Leopoldo Rausa and Mrs. Alicia Borres from ECE were invited as well.

The seminar focused on the topic of Basic Safety Concept, Fire Safety, Personal Protective Equipment with Demonstration, Electrical Safety, Machine Safety, Safe Driving, Job Hazard Analysis, Lock-in – Tag-out, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Control Measures, Emergency Preparedness, Occupational Health, Hazards and their ill effects, Safety and Health Inspection, OSH programming and Legislation; Post Test for Learning Assessment was also conducted.  

Attendees also participated in an Accident Investigation Reporting and Analysis workshop where they will investigate, identify hazards, asses risk, write a report and record the accident that they will be submitted to Department of Labor and Employment using Employer’s Work Accident Illness Report.

BOSH seminar aims to strengthen the knowledge and awareness of individual about workplace possible hazards and procedures so they can work more safely and be more productive.

Attention to health and safety is not just about being socially responsible. It also makes good business sense and everyone should regard it as the fundamental achievement of any other key business objective.