It’s the most beautiful time of the year again! December has come, and the hearts of the people are filled with excitement and joy because it’s the season of Christmas.  

On December 7, 2018, Helping Hand Development Cooperative celebrates its annual Christmas Party at the Kalipayan Resort, Salitran, Dasmariñas, Cavite. The party with the Bohemian Theme was filled with gorgeous and handsome employees of HHDC from the satellite offices of EPZA, Batangas, and Cavite.

It was hosted by Ms. Joan Torres Dimapilis, the Senior Officer of JFC Account. The event started with a mass to give gratitude to the Lord Jesus Christ for the special day he had given. Followed by opening remarks from the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Simone Joseph Sanchez. Afterward, Dinner was then served and enjoyed by everyone.

It has always been the company’s tradition to let the staffs present and entertain everyone with their Christmas dance and jingle. The highlight of the party was the competition of group presentations among satellite offices and departments.

The first presenter was from the head office who prepared a skit with a twist of humor through funny lines and songs, they also danced in the beat of mixed 2000 popular sexy dance, and lastly, sang Christmas in our Hearts at the end of their performance.

The second presenter was from the satellite office of EPZA who gave a hilarious performance with their cross-dressing to add spice to their presentation in the song Butsekik by Yoyoy Villame.

The third presenter was from the staff house boys with their rollicking dance steps from the famous songs of Shanti Dope and the Korean girl group, Momoland.

And last but not the least, the JFC Department who also presented a dance in a modern mixed and a twist of improvised performance that left the audience in astonishment.

Fun-filled games were also started by the co-hosts, Ms. Jamaica Pelayo and Mr. Ivan Bush Clinton Egasan from the Head office to lift-up the mood of everyone. This is followed by the exchanging of Christmas gifts and the awarding of the performance which the Head office got the 3rd place, Staff house was 2nd, EPZA was 1st and the JFC Department was hailed champion. Prizes were also given to the winners of the game and Bohemian Stars of the Night who stood out gorgeously in their attire were also recognized.

With the closing remarks, the CEO, Mr. Diogenes Garay, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all HHDC staff’s determination and to the Lord because the company is still standing strong despite the losses. He also added that the Christmas season is not about gifts and material things, it’s all about the gift of love for everyone.

Indeed it was another memorable experience for the HHDC Family.