RA 11058 Seminar in Malvar, Batangas


On October 29, 2018, Helping Hand Development Cooperative conducted a symposium entitled “An Act Strengthening Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Providing Penalties for Violation Thereof” also known as Republic Act 11058. It was led by the Deputy Executive Director Engr. Jose Maria Batino at the NEAP Calabarzon DepEd Region IV-A P. Montecer Street, Malvar Batangas.

The seminar was attended by locators from different economic zone mostly safety officers from ­­­­Laguna Technopark, LISP, FPIP, LIMA, CIP, and LIIP. The event started off by an introduction of sponsors, participants and the opening remarks of Mr. Roberto L. Caro and the guest speaker, Engr. Batino of Occupational Safety and Health Center.

Part of the RA 11058 discussion is an open forum that was initiated by the guest speaker. The attendees addressed issues regarding of the topics, with specific emphasis on considerations involving the low salary of the safety officers in the Philippines and the increasing workers degree of concern about PPE maintenance and safety and health hazards in the workplace. They also want to enhance the extent to which they believe that it is possible to reduce their exposure to such hazards by taking certain action. The primary goal of this symposium is to educate participants with the basic knowledge and skills on identifying safety, health, and environmental hazards, determining appropriate control measures and developing and implementing OSHC policies and programs to all workplace. Helping Hand Development Cooperative proudly offers a variety of training methods so that workers will have the option to select a program that works best for their unique workplace.