Occupational Safety and Health Center Approved HHDC Accreditation for Safety Training Organization


Accidents and other related work catastrophe are always present inside the workplace, but this can be prevented with proper training and seminars for workers to focus on the prevention of work related-injury and diseases. 

September 28, 2018, marks the date that Helping Hand Development Cooperative was accredited for Safety Training Organization by the Occupational Safety and Health Center. The primary goal of the Safety Training is to foster and nourish a health and safety work environment for all individuals in all field of work.

Last October 3, 2018, the certificate was given to Mr. Mark Viel S. Mariano, in the presence of the CEO – Mr. Diogenes M. Garay Jr. by the Deputy Executive Director Engr. Jose Maria Batino of Occupational Safety and Health Center, who is also the guest speaker at FCIE Admin Building, which is the venue of the first ever HHDC – Safety Training Organization symposium of RA 1108. The said event was attended and participated by HHDC personnel including its executive.

Apart from the awarding ceremony, the seminar entitled “An Act Strengthening Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Providing Penalties for Violation Thereof” also known as Republic Act 11058 was thoroughly discussed. This aims to enhance and strengthen the compliance to ensure healthful work environment of the workers by providing them with full protection against all hazards in necessary in their workplace. Penalties shall be imposed in any violation thereof.


The objectives of the Safety Training Organization:

1. To disseminate knowledge about the Occupational Safety and Health inside the workplace.

2. To promote safety awareness about the workers economic well being as well as physical safety and health

3. To help people who are in need of this program especially workers who are working in the production field

Story Submitted by Patricia May G. Ting