Rewarding Good Performance

As the saying goes, "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". Hence, HHDC ensures that its members engage in exciting and stimulating activities apart from the daily motions of their jobs. There are designated family days, sports activities, Christmas parties where they showcase their talents and just simply have fun with co-members, and annual general assemblies where members have the opportunity to voice out concerns and make suggestions for the betterment of the cooperative.

All of these rewards and benefits, added to a homey working environment, have kept HHDC members engaged, motivated and productive in doing their jobs throughout the years. Taking this in context, one can now understand why from a mere fifteen people, the HHDC family grew into an 18,000-strong community of members who, true to HHDC's vision, are an image of a happy, united and strong family.

CEO Message

Always ready to lend a helping hand to our members, to our members families and to our extended families in the community

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HHDC Family: Happy, United and Strong!

At the heart of every successful company are its employees and treats its members far beyond the definition of the word.

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The HHDC Character

HHDC members ensure excellent performance and dedicated service to further elevate the cooperative's exceptional reputation.

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"Always lend a helping hand"

We look after the growth of our member-owners, we also take care of their personal needs. We dedicate substantial resources to provide for family and community emergencies, like sickness and natural disasters. Free medical services near our head office are available for our member owners and their family members, as well as community residents.