Extending a Helping Hand to the Community

Helping Hand Development Cooperative is committed to contribute to economic development by improving the quality of life not only of its members and their families, but the local community and society at large as well.

The following are the core areas of HHDC's outreach programs:

HEALTHCARE - An individual's health affects all areas of his life and extends to his family, society, and the nation as a whole. Recognizing that healthcare is a luxury especially, HHDC does its own share by conducting free medical and dental missions to remote rural areas that do not have access to medical care and facilities.

EDUCATION - Many parents are struggling to provide for their child's education, as it is still their best hope for breaking free from poverty. HHDC wants to ensure that every child is prepared to learn in school by giving them the tools that they need to study and succeed. No matter how seemingly trival this activity is, HHDC recognizes that each free bag full of basic school supplies make a huge difference in a student's life.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - The Philippines is considered as one of the countries most vulnerable to natural disasters. HHDC thus strives to help Filipinos live more sustainably by combating the drastic effects of climate change. HHDC takes action to green our communities, minimize water pollution, and clean our air, by way of planting trees.

In the HHDC's pipeline are other notable community projects susch as the establishment of a foundation, an orphanage, and a rehabilitation center.

CEO Message

Always ready to lend a helping hand to our members, to our members families and to our extended families in the community

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HHDC Family: Happy, United and Strong!

At the heart of every successful company are its employees and treats its members far beyond the definition of the word.

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The HHDC Character

HHDC members ensure excellent performance and dedicated service to further elevate the cooperative's exceptional reputation.

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"Always lend a helping hand"

We look after the growth of our member-owners, we also take care of their personal needs. We dedicate substantial resources to provide for family and community emergencies, like sickness and natural disasters. Free medical services near our head office are available for our member owners and their family members, as well as community residents.