A Lasting Partnership with Clients

THE SUCCESS OF Helping Hand Development Cooperative was not built overnight. It was a prolific collaboration among the HHDC's Board of Directors, its members, and especially clients, throughout the years.

As HHDC General Manager Jon Garay puts it, the growth of the cooperative was really a blessing as they did not have any marketing support back then to attract more clients to avail of their services but it was simply by "word of mouth". Starting with only a few business partners back in 2006, HHDC nonetheless upheld its mission to provide its clients and principals with globally-competitive professionals and highly skilled manpower who have proven abilities in their respective fields. Hence, it was through these few clients who attested to the kind of service HHDC provides that the clientele base was able to grow and consequently, individuals looking for employment started flocking the cooperative to become its members.

Client companies began appreciating the numerous advantages of partnering with a service cooperative. Aside from signigicantly lessening administrative burden and reducing recruitment and training costs, the management of client companies has proven time and again that HHDC members are values-oriented, skillful, effecient, responsible, motivated, and driven to do their jobs.

Helping Hand Development Cooperative values the trust and confidence given by their business partners. They are one of the key reasons why HHDC archieved its success now and in more years to come.

CEO Message

Always ready to lend a helping hand to our members, to our members families and to our extended families in the community

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HHDC Family: Happy, United and Strong!

At the heart of every successful company are its employees and treats its members far beyond the definition of the word.

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The HHDC Character

HHDC members ensure excellent performance and dedicated service to further elevate the cooperative's exceptional reputation.

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"Always lend a helping hand"

We look after the growth of our member-owners, we also take care of their personal needs. We dedicate substantial resources to provide for family and community emergencies, like sickness and natural disasters. Free medical services near our head office are available for our member owners and their family members, as well as community residents.