Manufacturing covers, as a group of careers, any job that is involved in the fabrication and processing of materials into commercial products.

Hospitality and Tourism

The hospitality career family include every job and profession associated with lodging, dinining, and recreational events.

Human Services

The human services career group covers all employment related to helping meet the needs of individuals and families.

Information Technology

IT (Information Technoogy) workers are a major part of the economy and allow many other workers to complete their daily tasks and routines.

Marketing, Sales and Service

The broad marketing and sales related career group includes all jobs which have promoting and selling goods and services as their primary objective.

Health Science

The health sciences career group covers a diverse range of professions, ranging from those directly involved with patients.

CEO Message

Always ready to lend a helping hand to our members, to our members families and to our extended families in the community

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HHDC Family: Happy, United and Strong!

At the heart of every successful company are its employees and treats its members far beyond the definition of the word.

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The HHDC Character

HHDC members ensure excellent performance and dedicated service to further elevate the cooperative's exceptional reputation.

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"Always lend a helping hand"

We look after the growth of our member-owners, we also take care of their personal needs. We dedicate substantial resources to provide for family and community emergencies, like sickness and natural disasters. Free medical services near our head office are available for our member owners and their family members, as well as community residents.